• Flat Roof Repair & Replacement

  • Have you ever wondered why some homes and buildings have a flat roof while most others have pitched roofs? Are there any advantages to a flat roof that makes one worth getting if you are having a home built? The first thing you need to understand is that even flat roofs have a slight pitch. Without a slight pitch, water would be trapped on them. By examing these pros and cons of flat roofs you'll have a better idea of who they are most suitable for.

  • Pros

    • Flat roofs are less expensive to install because they are easier to install. When you hire a roofing company to replace your roof a big part of the cost will involve labor. Less labor means less of an expense for you.
    • If you have a flat roof built on the back part of your home you can convert it into a deck, giving you a usable space that you wouldn't have with a pitched roof.
    • Repairs on flat roofs are easier, in fact, many homeowners can handle their own repairs if they have a flat roof.


    • Flat roofs are more likely to leak than pitched roofs are which means that you have to monitor them more closely.
    • Flat roofs don't last as long as pitched roofs in most cases. That's because even though they are built at a slight pitch, more water gets trapped on them than on pitched roofs.
    • Flat roofs absorb heat. If you live in a warm climate a flat roof can significantly raise your cooling costs.
    • Flat roofs usually cost more to insure due to their propensity to leak. Insurance companies base their fees upon risk, and a flat roof represents a more significant risk than a pitched roof. The extra cost in homeowner's insurance will add up over time and will offset much of the savings you received by opting for a flat roof.

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